I believe wholly in freedom. Freedom for everyone to be who they are, freedom for everyone to choose their own path in life.

Unfortunately, this philosophy does include the freedom for people to be complete dicks.

It is my deepest held desire to get through life hurting no-one with my words and deeds, to conduct myself with kindness and grace, and to treat all living things with respect and gentleness. I don't always succeed, for I'm only human, but every day I strive to be better. However, it is not my place, it's not anyone's place, to impose this world view on others. Just as I take personal responsibility for my own actions, I take personal responsibility for my response to the actions of others.

"Be tolerant with others, and strict with yourself." Marcus Aurelius

Freedom, particularly in the form of free speech, is under attack in the first world in an insiduous, virilent way, the likes of which I never thought I would see. I do not feel that it is the automatic duty of people to police their thoughts and words, in fear that a misstep will cause an avalanche of retribution. I feel that it is the personal responsibility of people to let these things roll off them, to accept that everyone is free to think and say whatever they wish, to forgive, and to tolerate. However just one feels, hatred is still hatred, and hatred will only perpetuate more hatred. Sometimes people conduct themselves in ways that hurt, or that don't meet your own personal standard of behaviour - but they are free to do so and the fact that they do so is no reflection on anyone but them.

I don't believe you can change people with words. I don't believe people can be brow-beaten into changing. I don't believe you can change people's views by attacking them on social media. These kinds of negative reinforcement only send hate into hiding, resulting in a veneer of socially acceptable behaviour covering the original behaviour rather than changing it. The world is changing, people are changing for the better, but perhaps not as rapidly as some people would like. Patience and tolerance is needed; real change grows within, and no amount of lecturing will change a person who doesn't want to be changed.

"Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be. Be one." Marcus Aurelius

I believe that it is best to act as an example. Leading a kinder life, one free of negative thoughts and words, will inevitably lead to a happier life, and it is up to each individual to decide for themselves if that's the life they want.