I am an artist with a particular love for the human form. I live in Northamptonshire, UK, with my husband, our dog, and a lot of fancy mice ( As an artist I have two very different halves; figurative and abstract. I love both equally. I am currently working on three themes; Narrative, People, and Abstract.

For my figurative work, I use high quality artist's oil pastels. In People I explore the power and beauty of the masculine. In Narrative I am driven to express poetic visions of modern life.

In non representational Abstract art I enjoy exploring colour, composition, and texture in oil painting, and relish in the application of paint to surface. I rarely have a 'plan' and let the paint take me where it wants in a very intuitive, organic process.

I never copy or use photographs as references for my artwork, all of my work comes straight from my imagination and memory, or occasionally from drawing from life. I use lightfast, archival materials in all of my work.